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    Distinctive but old name for baby #3

    We are expecting around Thanksgiving and I've convinced my husband to let the gender be a surprise this time. Our last name is long and Italian, sounds a little like "DelTonio"

    Our daughter is Sylvya Vyolet
    Our son is Myles Julyan
    (all ys are i's but I didn't want the names to be searchable)

    Girls - so many lovely names but I cannot find the best ones
    Florence/Flora - too matchy with Silvie? husbands favorite
    Clara / Mira/ Nina- should I be looking for a different ending than Silvia? This is our last baby and I love names.
    Lila - too similar in sound?
    Josephine - lots of love around here for this name, and we have lots of Josephs in the family
    Evelyn - too popular

    Linus - too baby blanket?
    Calvin - Cal and Dal sounds in our last name - do they work?
    Pascal - Cal and Dal sound in our last name
    Lucas - popular
    Leo - we almost named Miles this, but we weren't sure about first name and last name ending in o. And Leon just isn't the same.
    Jay - I love love, but my husband doesn't
    Xavier - does anyone have a Xavier? is pronunciation ever an issue? I like both Ex-ay-veer and Za-vee-air
    Clive - another one of my name crushes, but maybe doesn't quite match our last name and our other children's names.

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    Flora is so beautiful! One of my best friends is named Flora and she is just lovely, she really embodies her name. It also goes incredibly well with Silvie, I think. Not too matchy at all (:

    I like Leo and there are dozens of forms of it! Leonardo and Leopold are rather cute and romantic! I also think Linus is quite cute but I do immediately think of the Peanuts gang, not that it's a bad thing.

    Good luck!
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    With Silvia and Miles, I love Clara or Leo for the third sibling. Stylistically they feel like the best matches. I could see Calvin working as well.
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    Flora and Clavin are my favorites from your list. Both are charming choices with your other two kiddies.

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    I really like Florence for you. It matches Silvia in style in the sense that both names are sweet, vintage classics. They're not close phonetically so each girl would have a distinctive name. They're connected in meaning-- Silvia means "of the forest" and Florence meaning "flowering," so both are nature-related. And Florence is of course one of Italys grandest cities, without sounding cartoonishly Italian.

    For the boys, I would avoid anything ending with O. I like Xavier best of your list. You could also select any name beginning with J and call him 'Jay,' if you like.
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