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    Same-Meaning Multiples: Is It Cliche?

    Hello again, everyone

    Some of you may have seen my previous post and know that I'm on the lookout for triplet girls' names. Someone commented that they liked names for multiples that were connected; i.e. evoke the same image or have similar meanings. I ran this idea through with my mom yesterday and, well, to put it bluntly she hated the idea. She literally hollered, "What, are you on TLC for God's sake?"

    I know I really shouldn't care what people think but to be quite honest it does put a bit of a damper on things to know your own mom would hate your kids' names. I started doubting that I should even consider it. But in my ineptitude in the world of names, I'm asking you, berries: In your opinion, is it cheesy/cliche/stupid all around to use those types of names for multiples? Or am I just way overthinking this?


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    I think that it's fine! Personally, I love it when there is a unifying factor in twin/triplet names. I don't think that it's cheesy at all.

    Suggestion for G/G/G triplet combo: Daphne, Phoebe, & Sophie = they don't have the same meaning, but they all have a 'ph' in the name, end in -e, have two syllables, and have Greek roots.

    Congratulations on your triplets!

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    As long as the names are different enough, I think it could be cute to all share a similar meaning !!

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    I like similar meaning sibsets, such as Marina, Luna, and Stella (Ocean, Moon, and Stars) they all end up flowing well too!
    Right Now I would name them...
    ∆ Ellis Apollo • Vesper Aurelia ∆

    ∆ Casper Aloysius • Reverie Antonia ∆

    Guilty Pleasures ...

    Sailor . Waverly . Ever . Harlow . Elliot . Jasper . Lirit . Muse . Egypt . Ireland . Primrose . Calypso . Rowan

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    I really like this idea! I always said if I had triplets, they'd be one of these combos:

    Verity, Grace + Faith (virtues)
    Rosie, Azalea + Zara (flowers)
    Melody, Caroline + Kaydence (musical)
    Clara, Arabella + Evangeline (inspirational women)

    As far as same meanings, how about;

    Anna, Grace + Carissa (grace)
    Charlotte, Francesca + Saorise pn Sear-sha (free/freedom)
    Callista, Aoife + Clarabelle (beautiful)
    Mercedes, Pandora + Gia (gift)
    Eloise, Marisol + Soleil (sun)

    Good luck!
    Mummy to Felicity Grace

    Considering; Violet McKenna|Nicola Verity|Verity Elise| Clara Jasmine|Jasmine Oliviana

    Robert(Bobby) Patrick|Duncan Edward|Mark William|Thomas Henry

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