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    New User: William, Fraser, Rupert, Oliver, Archie, Henry...? Help please!

    Favourtie boys names.. Would love some help in narrowing down..
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    If your fiance hates a name, unfortunately, it's out, not matter how much you love it! I have that problem with William. However, you don't have that problem with William! If you have a baby before your fiance's brother and his wife, then choose William! I'm dead-set against people "claiming" names before they're pregnant. Although, if he and his wife are pregnant now, then it's a different story! Of your choices, I LOVE Henry and I also like Rupert, Hugo, Charles and George. Archie is cute, but, I agree, needs a longer name and I don't like Archibald either! What about Archer? Too modern?
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    William - this is quite a popular name, I wouldn't use it if I knew there was going to be a Bill in the family, if they're not pregnant then go ahead, I don't think people should 'claim' names. It's just the luck of the draw if you get preganant first.
    Fraser - I never liked this much because of the Tv show Frasier, but it has grown on me a little.
    Henry - great classic, you can't go wrong with this
    Rupert - I love too, perhaps showing him the lovely Rupert the bear comics and books will help? Or you could go with the similar Rufus.
    Hugo - not a huge fan of this.
    Oliver - you're right that its popular, I admit that would put me off.
    Charles - too Prince Charles for me.
    Archie - how about Archer? I'm guessing you're a Britberry - although this sounds like a modern American occupation name, it actually is an old English name.

    I love Edward and Alexander, perhaps Edward could go as Ted or Ned or you could use the less used Edgar or Edmund. What about Thomas?
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    Thank you for the responses.
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