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    Names for a book

    So I'm writing a book, and I'm having some trouble with the names! Nothing I think of seems quite memorable enough. HELP!
    I'm actually doing a lot better on boys than girls. For the main character, I am between Lincoln and Canyon. I am probably also using Nikolai for something, but I'm not sure what. Any ideas on names that are pretty memorable and unique and not super popular? I need several for high school age, quite a few for baby boys (right now I'm thinking along the lines of Ryder, Atticus, Hudson, Gunner), and a couple for people in positions of authority/government official type jobs.

    Any suggestions you have will be helpful! Thanks!

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    Two suggestions. One, there's actually a separate forum here on nameberry specifically for book character names. I'd suggest making a post over there, as you'll probably get more responses there.

    I think Canyon would make a pretty memorable character name, though it does evoke a very nature-lover, perhaps slightly hippie kinda vibe to it, so if the main character is really conservative or something like that a name like this might not match up well. But it is memorable. Most of the high school aged names you have right now are pretty trendy and actually becoming quite common among current births (I think). However, I think that back 15 years ago (when your characters would have been born, if your book is set in the present time), some of these names would seem out of place on newborns at that time but completely normal on newborns now. I'd suggest finding some names that aren't so specifically trendy at this moment. Atticus, for instance, is a name that is becoming actually quite popular nowadays and isn't uncommon to be heard on a baby now, but 15 years ago I think it was probably very rarely used. Makes it feel like a name of this upcoming generation, and a good name for a high school student in a book set in 2030.
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