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    Using Same Letter for Siblings

    I've noticed on nameberry that many people don't recommend using the same letter for siblings (Kelsey and Kyle...Alexander, Abigail, Anna). I am a fan of this trend. What are the reasons you do or do not like this naming style?

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    My husband and son are Michael and Miles. Its sweet, but
    1) I do sometimes say their names wrong. I imagine it would be worse for brothers.
    2) Also, when I meet a family, I am more likely to remember the individual names if they start with different letters.
    3) I wouldn't want to back myself in a corner. There aren't too many names I really really love so I don't want to have to name my third kid a name I wouldn't like just to follow a trend.
    4) Easier labeling of items if you only need the first initial.

    But these are not huge deals. And to me, it matters less if they are boy-girl than same-sex siblings.

    I say Kelsey and Kyle - too similar. I might accidentally call the daughter Kylie or the son Kelson. Kyle and Katie, OK, Kelsey and Kevin ok. Different consonant sounds.

    Alexander and Abigail and Anna - yes. OK.

    I have this question in my own family, because I like the initials of my son Miles but I don't know if it's wise to give another M name.
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    I admit that I find the trend kind of fun, and I like to think of sibling names that all start with the same letter, but in reality I would never do it because I want each name that I choose to be a name that I LOVE. If I happen to love all N names (which would be the most likely letter for me to fall into!), then I will give them all N names. But suppose I have a dozen children with N names that I love and my thirteenth favorite name starts with an L, then that thirteenth child will have an L name and that's that. I don't want to limit my choices by sticking to one letter, and I don't want to deprive my child of a name that I am truly in love with just so I can continue my pattern. I feel that if parents give their first child a name that they LOVE, then each child deserves that same gift, not just a name that happens to begin with the same letter as the name they loved first.

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