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    Middle name for Augustus-Baby due any day!

    After a crazy amount of mind changing on both my husbands part and mine the first name is finally finally a lock...Augustus nn Gus

    Right now we have two middle name options

    Augustus James ( James is daddy and grandpa)
    Augustus Zain (I am middle eastern and wanted to use an arabic name in the middle)

    The main issue with James- Our preferred girl name should we have one as a second child is Eliza James. In arabic culture its traditional to give the fathers first as the middle to the children across the board but we LOVE it for Eliza. And if we happened to have a boy second we also love Theodore James. But is an anticipated second child a good reason not to use a name?

    I am also open to names that would honor the name Stephen without actually being Augustus Stephen. I just can't think of any.

    Our last name is 2 syllables so I really liked the 3-1-2 flow of the 1 syllable middle name.

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    If you use James for both this child and a future child, isn't that arguably more of a nod to your heritage than Zain would be?

    I don't see anything wrong with both children having the same middle name, and that is what you say is traditional in Arabic culture.

    I have to admit though I just prefer Augustus James to Augustus Zain.

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    I totally agree with the above post! It sounds like giving James to all of your children is an ideal thing to do to honor your Arabic culture. I just met a newborn girl named Georgia James.

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    When I saw your post, I immediately thought of James. I think it would be fine for both kids. My cousins 4 kids all have the same middle name.

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    You are right, it is typically meant to be for all children. However, my sister and I have that and we find it annoying. We'll most likely use James only once if we do.

    Any other suggestions for names? I was hoping for more ideas.

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