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    Marco, Calder, Abram, Arlo, Gage, and Dashiell are the easiest to swallow. The others I think are best relegated to middle-name status.

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    In my opinion Marco, Calder, Amadeus, Bronx and Dashiell are usable. Luciano is usable if you're Italian, Macario if you're Hispanic. Arlo would be a cute nickname for Alfred or something else but doesn't stand alone. Gage just makes me think of the textbook company or a temperature gauge. Abraxas and Nazario are a bit too much for me.
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    Abraxas - I like it. May get comments but usable IMO
    Marco - Usable
    Calder - Love it! Very usable.
    Abram - Love it! Bram is cool too!
    Amadeus - People use Wolfgang so why not Amadeus, but I think of the composer
    Arlo - Love this name too!
    Gage - Perfectly usable, but it always looks misspelled to me.
    Bronx - IMO, no - Very trendy
    Dashiell - This one is growing on me. Usable

    I did some thinking about these names since there seems to be an "ethnic" reaction to these. I see people using Nordic names, Greek names, French names, all sorts of names used by all sorts of people. Why not use these perfectly good names if you like them. Why would I even separate them from Marco, which seems perfectly usable by anyone.

    Luciano - Good name
    Macario (ma KAR ee oh) - I like this, though I never heard it before. nn Mac, Cary?
    Nazario - The z sound is cool but it seems like Noel/Noelle to me - a "seasonal" name

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    Personally ...

    Abraxas - no. looks made up.
    Luciano - ok
    Macario (ma KAR ee oh) - ok
    Marco - definitely
    Calder - yes
    Abram - yes
    Amadeus - yes
    Nazario - no
    Arlo - definitely
    Gage - yes
    Bronx - yes
    Dashiell - yes

    I'ld pick Dashiell or Luciano if you want to stand out
    Arlo or Gage if you want to blend in

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    I like weird names so most of these are completely usable in my book

    Abraxas- I had to google because it seemed familiar but I wasn't sure why. It's the name a Santana album! I love Santana plus apparently "the 7 letters spelling its name represent each of the 7 classic planets—Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn" so I'm really liking it. Brax is a cute nn

    Calder- I like it because it reminds me of caldera. There's also a race track here called Calder
    Nazario- not a fan but Navarro is a family name

    These are normal to me

    Fox * Rohan * Jade * Shea * Blaise * Greer
    Lotus * Noor * Tallulah * Jasper * Linden * Arden

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