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    Soccer boy names

    Anyone have some ideas on baby boys names relating to soccer or football.
    A few I have

    Would like to see if anyone can add to this list. My husband loves soccer,I thought it might open his mind to other possibilities.

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    I love Donovan and Cristiano! I don't really follow soccer, don't really know anything about it, but I do really love the idea of a little Donovan or Cristiano. Cristiano's actually a huge GP of mine--I'm just not sure my future really-white children could pull it off, haha.
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    Wouldn't you want their first names? Lol. David, Wayne, Landon...

    Anyway, I barely know where to start with this... Football is a global phenomenon. It's played in almost every country so there are literally thousands of names of sensational players to pick from. There are twenty teams jam packed with amazingly talented players in the English Premier League alone!

    I think maybe I'll just look at the players from my own team, though that's still a lot. This is the main squad in order of shirt number of Liverpool FC (there are some repeats, way more Daniel's than I thought!):

    Brad, Glen, Jose, Daniel, Luis, Steven, Philipe, Oussama, Jordan, Daniel, Sebastian, Stewart, Lucas, Jamie, Joe, Pepe (Jose), Fabio, Jesus, Raheem, Jonjo, Martin, Connor, Samed, Martin, Jon, Peter, Ryan, Stephen, Andre, Jerome, Jack, Adam, Danny, Andy, Daniel and Jay.

    Our manager is called Brendan and the rest of the staff are:

    Colin, Mike, Glen, Ryland, Chris, John, Zaf, Chris, Jordan, Paul, Sylvan, Lee, Graham, Barry, James, Alec, James, David, Paolo and Matt.

    The most famous players from our current squad are probably Luis Suarez, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. Pepe Reina (our goalie) is also pretty highly ranked, he plays reserve goalie for Spain and has won the golden glove (for most clean sheets) a few times.
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    You've combined two of my loves- baby names & soccer!

    Not a fan of Beckham (the name, love the man!) but I really like the nn Becks/Bex.

    I love the Spaniards and the Frenchies but I'll stick to more English-friendly names:
    Joseph- to get to the awesome nn Pep; could also be a full name for Jozy

    What about clubs?
    Everton- I love Ever and think this would be a more masculine/less hippie-ish way to get to it
    Ajax- it can be pronounced "ay-jacks" or "eye-ax"
    Lyon- can be "lee-own" or "lion"

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    Noooooooooooooo... WHY is Rooney a baby name?! I'm probably not much help as I detest football. I like the game and I slightly enjoy it at international level, but footballers -in the words of the great Bill Bailey- "are a bunch of vain, illiterate, millionaire, borderline rapists, whose job it is to shepherd a bit of leather into an outdoor cupboard". Just not keen on the players myself. Reckon I'll stick to cricket

    I think perhaps a tenuous link is the best way to honour a love of football. Beckham, Rooney etc are a bit too fanatical IMO. Football-linked names include: Lionel, Bobby, David, Henry, Neville, George, Mario, Alonso, Diego, Owen, Alan, Teddy, Keane, Fernando, Didier, Bastian, Carlos, Thierry, Robin

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