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    Mix and match from our list?

    Hello! We are expecting our third child in May and are at a loss for a name. We don't know the gender. Here's our list (opinions, please!), but suggestions are also helpful. We have two boys already, Charles Lane (Charlie) and Eli Cooper. Also, if you have any girls name suggestions, they would be helpful too. We are completely clueless when it comes to girls names!

    Stephanie, mama to Charlie & Eli

    Looking for a name for #3!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Caleb and Avery are by far my favorites (and are on my own short list!), but I think with Charlie and Eli, something along the lines of Jude, Samuel, or Julian would be a bit of a better match. I'd still love to see Caleb or Avery, though! I think Charlie, Eli, and Benjamin are pretty great, too.

    Do you have any idea where you want to go with a girls' name? With classics like Charlie and Eli, I think you could probably go in a wide variety of directions with a girls' name. I think any one of these could be great with Charlie and Eli:

    Charlie, Eli, and Juliet
    Charlie, Eli, and Serena
    Charlie, Eli, and Sophie
    Charlie, Eli, and Lillian
    Charlie, Eli, and Penelope
    Charlie, Eli, and Claire
    Charlie, Eli, and Olivia/Olive
    Charlie, Eli, and Lydia
    Charlie, Eli, and Helena
    Charlie, Eli, and Zoe
    Charlie, Eli, and Camille
    Charlie, Eli, and Grace
    Charlie, Eli, and Anneliese/Annabel
    Charlie, Eli, and Isabelle
    Charlie, Eli, and Julia
    Charlie, Eli, and Sylvia
    Charlie, Eli, and Amelia
    Charlie, Eli, and Matilda
    Charlie, Eli, and Beatrix

    Good luck!
    Ashley | storyteller | Christian

    princesinhas e príncipes:
    Isabelle Aurora Grace ▪ Avery Ian George

    thinking about:
    Adelaide Iris Mireille "Daisy" ▪ Reef Benjamin Elias
    Grayson Amory Charles "Gray" ▪ Violet Ophelia Noelle "Lottie"
    Ava Marigold Jane ▪ Everett Maximilian James
    Lennox Shepard James ▪ Daphne Elisabet Mary
    Rosamund Hannah Jane "Rosie" ▪ Jack Sailor Ezra

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    My favorite is Colin Isaiah or Colin Avery for a boy.

    Penelope for a girl. I like that it ends in that "e" sound, but it's a little different and it's got good nick names.

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    Charles/Charlie is my absolute favourite name in all of the world! What great names you have picked for your boys.

    From your list I like
    Charles, Eli & Benjamin
    Charles, Eli & Max
    Charles, Eli & Julian

    Other suggestions:
    Charles, Eli & Riley
    Charles, Eli & Keiran
    Charles, Eli & Logan
    Charles, Eli & Lewis
    Charles, Eli & Nathan
    Charles, Eli & Jasper
    Charles, Eli & Hayden
    Charles, Eli & Aidan
    Charles, Eli & Oliver

    (If I have boys, they'll be Charles & Oliver)

    Suggestions for girls:
    Charles, Eli & Imogen
    Charles, Eli & Allison
    Charles, Eli & Louisa
    Charles, Eli & Eloise
    Charles, Eli & Lola
    Charles, Eli & Aimee
    Charles, Eli & Madeleine
    Charles, Eli & Amelia
    Charles, Eli & Keira
    Charles, Eli & Talia
    Charles, Eli & Julia
    Charles, Eli & Juliet
    Charles, Eli & Hazel
    Charles, Eli & Irene
    Charles, Eli & Olivia
    Charles, Eli & Sophia
    Charles, Eli & Claudia
    Charles, Eli & Colette
    Charles, Eli & Odette
    Charles, Eli & Perry
    Charles, Eli & Marlie
    Charles, Eli & Maree
    Charles, Eli & Claire
    Charles, Eli & Annabel
    Charles, Eli & Joan
    Charles, Eli & Lila
    Charles, Eli & Daisy
    Charles, Eli & Amelie
    Charles, Eli & Bailey (for either gender)

    Best Wishes x

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