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    I think it depends on the local culture. For example, if lots of locals have a Russian or Eastern European background, I think it will be readily recognized as a masculine nickname for Mikhael. Otherwise, they might only think of the actress Mischa Barton.

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    I know Misha/Mischa is a boy's name but I have never met a male with this name. I live in Australia and know several women with this name, just no boys. I wouldn't be surprised to meet a male Misha though. I just feel there are other variants of Michael that are nicer for men

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    It's spelled Mischa. And I think it's more unisex now. For Americans anyway.

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    I would assume Misha was a boy, possibly with the real name Michael
    Quote Originally Posted by hbeagle27 View Post
    It's spelled Mischa. And I think it's more unisex now. For Americans anyway.
    Misha is a nn for Mikhail. Mischa is an alternate spelling

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    I think of it as a girls name, and I think most people would... as in Mischa Barton. If I did meet a boy Mischa/Misha, I'd expect them to be Russian.
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