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Thread: Giordana ?

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    I pronounce them differently. Giordana looks and sounds classier than Jordana
    Giordana- jzor-dah-nah
    Jordana- jor-dah-nah or jor-dan-ah

    The only pronunciation issue I can see is gee-or-dan-ah/gee-or-dah-nah

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    I think Jordana-- which you said you don't prefer-- is ravishing and underused. It's sexy, serious, slightly exotic and interesting.

    Spelling it Giordana detracts from that imagery. An English speaker's first impulse will be to say 'gee-or-dah-NA,' with a hard G. It makes it look less accessible, less alluring, and more odd.
    Thank you for your comment.

    It's funny because just as you think that the Giordana spelling takes away from the name, I think the Jordana spelling does. When I look at Jordana all I see is Jordan, and I've known many Jordans during my lifetime, both male and female. Due to that, to me Jordan is very plain and... blah.

    It's interesting that we see it differently.
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