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Thread: Giordana ?

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    Giordana ?

    Any thoughts on Giordana? I believe it to be pronounced "jor DAWN ah" (source:

    I'm not really concerned about spelling or pronunciation issues as my name was butchered growing up and it never really bothered me... I'm more worried about "whore-dawn-uh" being a source for teasing.

    Oh and I really don't like it spelled Jordana. I think Giordana looks so much better.

    Anyways... What are your thoughts?
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    It sounds so exotic! I don't think whore-dawn-a will be a teasing possibility. I think it's beautiful!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by beautiful_haiku View Post
    Any thoughts on Giordana? I believe it to be pronounced "jor DAWN ah" (source:
    The Italian pronunciation sounds more like 'jor-DAH-na' to me. I quite like it.

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    I like it, and I prefer Giordana spelling too. Never thought about "whore-dawn-uh at all.
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    I think Jordana-- which you said you don't prefer-- is ravishing and underused. It's sexy, serious, slightly exotic and interesting.

    Spelling it Giordana detracts from that imagery. An English speaker's first impulse will be to say 'gee-or-dah-NA,' with a hard G. It makes it look less accessible, less alluring, and more odd.
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