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    Middle name for Hugo

    Our baby boy is due in June, and #1 name on our list is Hugo.
    It's such a strong, masculine, stand-alone name that we're finding it hard to come up with a middle name that complements instead of detracts! Here's my thoughts:

    * I like virtue/word names, so long as they're subtle. (Victor and Valor are good, Branch and Brave are not.)
    * The fewer syllables, the better - our last name is 3 syllables and longer middles don't seem to work...I could be convinced, though!
    * Old-fashioned is good, very good. So is French.
    * I'd love a name rich with meaning since that didn't really play in to picking our first name.

    Our best options:
    Hugo Victor - if only some famous Frenchman hadn't stole it first.
    Hugo Webb

    Any input, o mighty nameberries?

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    I think Hugo Valor sounds really great together. But my favourite name to go with Hugo is Lawrence, I know it's a longer name. But I think they go together really well. But here are a few suggestions for you.

    Hugo Leroux
    Hugo Gus
    Hugo Lyle
    Hugo Baron
    Hugo Milo
    Hugo Marc
    Hugo Mathis
    Hugo Mael
    Hugo Gabin
    Hugo Lloyd
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    Thanks all!
    I'm liking

    Hugo Ernest
    Hugo Clement
    Hugo Valor

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