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    Smile HELP!! Baby boy due in 13 weeks, and we can't agree on any names!

    My husband and I are expecting our first boy in July but can't agree on any names!

    I love names with French history (due to my ancestry), however he thinks they all sound too girly....

    We already have a daughter, named Ellysees and want to choose a name that is both unique and able to be shortened to a funky nickname.

    Our surname rhymes with "Vessel"....and we are wanting two middle names to keep the tradition we have used with our daughter.

    We don't have a particular style, and are open to suggestions...however are keen to avoid common popular names.
    Some names that we both like but one of us doesnt 'love' are...

    Aurelio (Arlo)
    Arturo (Aro)
    Costello (Costa)
    Rafferty (Raffy)
    Zebedee (Zeeby)

    I know the perfect name is out there....we just need help finding it!

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