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    Leopold?? Thoughts??

    Hi all,

    We are considering a lot of boys names for baby 2 but Leopold is always the one that springs to mind first when people ask what are we naming him/her. What are your thoughts on this name? Is it too old to actually use and is so, why? Would Leo be a better option? For those of you who saw my previous post in the baby names section, I think we may have nixed Isaac mainly because we have a daughter name Ivy and we don't really want to have to carry on the I theme if we decide to have more children!
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    Personally, I shy away from Leopold for the same reason as Isolde even though I love it: "old". Otherwise, it's classic and with the within-memory release of the movie Kate & Leopold, it may not seem too unusual to non-berries.

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    My son's middle name is Leopold, which my husband chose and which horrified me at the time, but we all have grown to love it. It's a distinguished unusual name that you never have to fear will get trendy, and it leads easily to Leo. I never even thought of the "old" thing before now -- and my son is 23!
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    If you want a longer name, I prefer Leonardo to Leopold. Hower, I love Leo and think it fits better with Ivy than Either longer version of the name.
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    Well, if you take look at my signiture, I think you'll see my thoughts on Leopold. In the end, we went with it in the middle, though we did toy with it up front too. I definitely think it's usable, since Leo is so accessible and well-liked, if for whatever reason Leopold became too much. However, we have had lots of fun and interesting comments about it.
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