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    I am crushing on these names, What do you think?


    Cassia/Calla: Which one do you like best?
    Elowen: It's just so elegant.
    Willow: Pretty.
    Sparrow: It just seems so pretty. (middle)
    Josie: I really am crushing on this name.
    Fawn/Dawn: I just love Fawn, but is Dawn a bit dated? (middle)



    Not too sure about Forest, but I really like Oak. (for a middle name.)

    What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you!


    P.S: What names are you crushing on?
    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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    Cassia/Calla: Cassia, Cassia Cassia!!! I like both names, but there's a classic quality to Cassia that Calla somewhat lacks. I also think that both pronunciations are fantastic.

    Elowen: Very melodic and also a new addition to my list.

    Willow: Love! I love the image of the willow tree gently swaying in the wind.

    Sparrow: Naw, this one isn't for me. As far as bird names go, the only one I really like is Kestrel, and the alrights are Lark and Wren.

    Josie: I see the appeal, and while it is cute, it just reminds me of the full version Josephine, a name I'm personally not that fond of.

    Fawn/Dawn: Fawn...maybe, just maybe for the middle spot, but I don't think it'll work for a first name. Dawn, eh, it's alright, but I'd rather see Aurora or other day/evening-related names.


    Oak - Pokemon! haha, sorry, but that really was my first thought. To me, it's a little too unsubstantial as a full first name. Middle name...hmmm...I think it would really depend on that first name. Ronan Oak, cute. Gunnar Oak, nah. Oakley is cute and might be better first name material, but possibly a little (too) feminine?

    Forest - Better than Oak, but heh, I can't put my finger on what it is that keeps me from liking this name. It has all the qualities I look for in a boy name-classic, underused, a rough masculine feel to it- but I don't know, it just doesn't click for me.

    Not too sure about Forest, but I really like Oak. (for a middle name.)

    Hmm, names I'm currently crushing on...
    Cassia (as always )
    Indiana 'Indy'
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    Elowen is so elegant and flowy & hard to resist. I really enjoy it x

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    Cassia/Calla: I am not found of either.
    Elowen: I love this name. It is the best on your list.
    Willow: I like this name a lot and it has good nn potential
    Sparrow: not my style seems like ones is trying too hard to be creative
    Josie: great name with a few options. Would probably use Josephine or Josette and this as a nn
    Fawn/Dawn: Fawn sounds like a bimbo to me, Dawn is okay but is often pronounced Don


    Oak - like for middle name
    Forest - like for first or middle name
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    Cassia/Calla: Definitely prefer Calla. Calla is a huge and unexpected name crush of mine as well Cassia's also quite pretty and admittedly easier to say, but it doesn't bowl me over.
    Elowen: Very soft and pretty. And even-looking if that makes sense. Celtic-esque names aren't usually my cup of tea, but this is definitely a stand out in the category.
    Willow: I can see how some would like it, but it's kind of boring and lost its lustre for me.
    Sparrow: Ooh yes! Gorgeous on a girl (on a boy no thanks). My guilty pleasure combo for this is Sparrow Josephine.
    Josie: Normally hate it, but love love love the combo Josie Pearl. Actually, I'd file it under "used to hate, now warming towards".
    Fawn/Dawn: Yeah, a little dated :/ Sorry

    Oak/Forest: Probably some of the best nature names out there for boys. Both are very very handsome. I like Oak better than Forest, but Forest would be obviously more appropriate as a fn.

    Overall, love your taste!

    These are the crushes that I can think of right now. Some I'd legitimately consider, some are more "middle material" and some are just plain fantasyland gps:
    Ellender, Livia, Harlan, Albertine, Billie, Salomé, Swan, Agatha, Calvin, Margot, Anaïs, Wilder, Coral, Tate, Leif, Zara, Remus/Remy, Berenice, Aubrey, Marine, Cy, Octavia, Bjork, Mazarine, Lucille, Melisande, Atlas, Balthasar, Susanna, Ismérie, Elizabeth, Cassius, Knox, Thorin, Kingsley & Spring (middle, girl).
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