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    Aengus Riley vs. Owen Aedan or others?

    We have come to a stand still in boy name brainstorming. We are both of Irish lineage and want our son to have a somewhat Irish name, but not too unique for living in Midwest America- to avoid mispronunciations etc.
    So far we have...
    Aengus Riley and Owen Aedan.

    Any suggestions for other names, or thought and preferences on these?

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    Owen Aedan is better.

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    javad Guest
    I'm not such a fan of Angus (I've never seen it spelled with the extra 'e') just because of the word it becomes minus the 'g'. Owen is a nice name though, but I don't think it goes together with Aiden very well (the last syllable of the two names is exactly the same, sounds a little strange). My vote, amongst these choices, would be for Owen Riley.

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    I like Owen vastly more than Aengus. Yet I like Riley better than Aedan. How about Owen Riley? I like it a lot.
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    Owen Riley would get my vote also.
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