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    Hello dear Berries!

    We are expecting our third bebe in early September, and since we're already halfway there (!) it's time for us to talk names (not that I ever really understand). We most likely won't know gender until the day of. This bebe has two older sisters, Cora Adelaide nn Belle, short for Corabelle, and Vesper Irene nn Pippa/Pip and a last name that sounds an awful lot like "Owlett."

    Girl names:
    Marin (Vesper's almost)
    Josephine, nn Joss
    Eloise nn Eli
    Verity (two seriously Latin V names in one family too much?)
    Freja (Cora's almost)
    I love all the French -ette names, though they clash something fierce with our last name.
    Strong possibility of a Greek mn in keeping with with Cora and Irene. Maybe Hero? Suggestions?

    Boy names:
    Elias (the current favorite) nn Eli
    Eh, boy names are hard for us.
    mn will most likely be Crossman after DH's grandfather.

    We prefer names that are not super popular (neither Cora nor Adelaide were quie the movers they are now when we were picking five years ago) though some names we like enough we can look past their popularity (Elias, Josephine, Luca)

    I'd love Berry thoughts or suggestions. Help me think of names I might be missing!


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