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    Angry Am I just a brat, or do you girls do this too?

    In my rural midwestern area, people are still stuck on the same old names: Olivia, Ava, Ella, Jayden, Kaden, Hayden etc.

    There have been several Nevaeh's lately and people can't stop buzzing about how *unique* the name is.

    You'd be hard pressed to find a middle name that isn't Ann, Marie or Lynn.

    This makes me gag. It's annoying. Yet somehow, it makes me feel....Good.

    It makes me secretley say "Yes!" because in the sea of Kylie's and Sophia's at school, my children will have names that stand out, in a good way.

    Is anyone else secretley mean like this and have an evil grin when someone names their kid something lame?

    *Not saying the names I mentioned are particularly lame, but It irks me when people think that Olivia is SO original...*

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    I don't think of it as being mean, I think of it as more of a relief. If having your child's name be unique is important to you, it only makes sense that if other children have more common names your child has a better chance of having a unique name. It is a bit smug to think that your child's name will stand out in a good way though. I would venture to guess that in the real world outside nameberry, you won't quite get the standing ovation for a unique name that you would on this website. The vast majority of people like popular names. That's why they get so popular after all. I would only name my child something unique if I truly loved the name. I certainly wouldn't do it just so I would get props for creativity.
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    Not really. I love seeing kids names that are exciting and different, even if they're on my own list. I met a little Electra the other day and just about jumped for joy.

    I don't think it makes you a brat - I mean, even mums who name their kids Ne'Ve'Ayah are obviously wanting their kids names to stand out. But it just isn't something I think about really.
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    I don't usually think about this at all. The only thing that gets me annoyed is creative spellings, LOL.

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    I see Ava, Sophia, Olivia and Ella in a totally different league of popularity than I do Jayden, Kayden & Hayden. The latter 3 are trendy, they play off each other (which is why where are also Blayzdens and stuff now, too), whereas the first 3 are just popular, and for good reason- they're older names, well-respected, have a history, and likely started popping back in to popularity due to honouring of grandmothers.
    I think Ava, Sophia, and Olivia are all popular for a good reason. The Jayden-Kayden-Haydens (though I do like Hayden)… not so much.

    Popularity isn't really a huge bother for me. When I overhear a name, I do start to like it less, but I do that with everything else, too (only eat cucumbers for 3 weeks and then never want them again, listen to a song on repeat until I hit a count of 200 then I can't bear it anymore).
    If Edmund suddenly became crazy popular, I would be one of those moms with an Edmund, I don't even care.

    I don't think you're a brat, but I do think, just in terms of my personal view, the difference between popular and trendy has more impact on me than just the statistics.
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