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    Thanks Blade, I like a lot of those. They feel very nameberryesque. I've always wondered if names like Magnolia, Bryant, Roosevelt, etc actually get used more around these parts. Obviously I need to go spend more time at U Village & Wallingford Center and find out (Trophy Cupcakes would be excellent for covert name spying). Teeheehee

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    Oh hey, I live in Wallingford! And Trophy Cupcakes would be an excellent place to scope out names. Or Molly Moon's.

    Among my friends and coworkers (I work for a literary journal), I know little kids named Juliana, Eva, Cora, Nora, Dante, Hollis, Nolan, Lucian, Edie, and Huxley. Mildly quirky classics seem to dominate.
    I love many names, but the names that fit my family are the venerable old lived-in classics, unfussy, weighted with history, polished like stones through much use.
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    Where i live in Washington names that I have noticed are Phoebe, Lucy, Nola, Ruby, June, Hazel, River (girl), Gwendolyn, Margo, Jemima, Lydia, Luna, Thora, Sam, Frank, Levi, Jed, Van, Calvin, Lane, Mil and many more. Most of these I have only heard about once or twice. I have also heard the typical bunch of Sophia's/Sophie's and Chloe's. The trendy names are heard too. It seems that nameberry-esque names aren't too far out here

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    Hey, I'm moving to that area soon, too! It's super pretty in Seattle.

    That's an interesting list for Washington. Only three of my boy's names made the top hundred (#4 Jacob; #30, Jack; #40, Oliver; #68, Sebastian) and just one of my girl's names (#105, Lydia).

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    My best friend lives in tri-cities, her young sons are jaidyn, nader and malik is due in july. Also her toddler little sister is Jourdyn.
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