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    Expecting our first!!

    Hi everyone! I have been a nameberry addict for years but have never actually posted. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in Novemeber. Still not sure of the sex, but of course we are already discussing names!

    I thought I would post some of our girl names here to get all of your expert opinions. We like classic, feminine names. We hate trendy, cutesy names.

    If we have a boy he will be Miles Warren (our last name starts with an O and is 3 syllables).

    At the moment our top girls names are:

    Nora Summer
    Vivian June (nn Vivi)
    Josephine Kate

    Husband is pretty set on Nora Summer, which I love too but can't seem to stop talking about other options.

    I love the name Willa but husband doesn't agree.

    Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
    Expecting baby # 1
    Current Top Favorites
    Girls: Nora Summer, Vivian June, Josephine Kate, Willa June, Liliana June
    Boys: Miles Warren, Benjamin Maxwell

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    Aww...wonderful that you and your husband agree on Nora Summer being a top choice for a girl! Very pretty!!

    (The other girl names you listed are classic/feminine as you said you like in names, but imo Nora Summer is a bit of that AND modern/freshness too! )

    Good luck!

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    I love the boy's name you have chosen!

    The girls' name are wonderful as well. I really like Nora Summer and Vivian June. I also love the name Josephine like crazy but am not crazy about the middle name Kate with it personally. I can't see that you could go wrong with any of them!

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    Nora Summer is beautiful - Nora Vivian could work too! - Josephine and Kate aren't really "me".

    When we've had our boys we've always had a first choice and a second choice just in case so looking around isn't necessarily bad!

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    Beautiful names! I love Miles, and Nora and Josephine made the short list for our babies. I slightly prefer Nora and its no fuss, beautiful simplicity. We ended up going with Mira, which is phonetically very similar.

    Good luck!

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