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    Other than someone coming forth and saying "I have fake accounts", how would one know? I know it happens all over the internet, but but if I posted that I have children (I don't), am pregnant (I'm not), am adopting (I'm not), etc. how would anyone know? I just came across this site, about 3 weeks ago, via Facebook and really enjoy reading all the name choices, ideas, advice and such. Anywho, I just enjoy the message boards.

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    It's good you came out by why not admit in the first place you are a teen who admits she's a name fan and these are the names you dream about in the future like the other teens who post and/or who don't have kids or expecting? I guess there are teens who pretend to be guys or girls on the net or older in chat rooms so this is pretty innocent in comparison. Funny how someone said Ava Rosamund couldn't be a real name as there are some more unusual names on this site.

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    I'm going to be blunt and say that I find it quite pathetic that people come here and fake pregnancies, miscarriages, adoptions, etc. I'm 21 years old and I don't have any children/not pregnant and *gasps* I still post on a name board. Shocking, isn't it? I like discussing names and coming up with combos for future children. Is that strange? I don't think so. What I find more strange is an eighteen year old trolling nameberry and lying about being pregnant, trying to adopt, etc. That makes me think there is something not quite right up there, if you catch my drift.

    P.S. If you are going to troll, AT LEAST be convincing. Geeze.

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    What I have major problems with is a) stealing photos of other people's children and b) inventing scenarios including miscarriage, death, general misfortune. It's fucked up and there should be a straight-up rule against it.

    Do it once? You get to come back AS YOURSELF and try again. Do it twice? Banned.
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