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    Honestly I think some of you take these fake accounts and stories too personally. It's the internet, these things are going to happen. They're not personal attacks against you. You shouldn't believe everything you read online anyways.
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    I totally agree with you historymajor2013.

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    I think it was brave of you to admit this, especially on a site with some blunt people, but I only have one question. Why would you make all those fake accounts just to post about fake births and adoptions? What exactly was the point?
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    I must say, I also agree with historymajor2013. I don't think this is anything to get this worked up about. Honestly, just chill out.

    Also, people who are saying she shouldn't have made this thread and/or are demanding to know the reasons behind it: How exactly does that concern you? (That was a rhetorical question, by the way.) I don't mean to be rude, I just think we should let her deal with this in her own way.

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    I am also agreeing with historymajor123. Making a fake life for yourself online is a silly and immature thing to do, but that is what the anonymity of the internet brings, and it is something a lot of teenagers do. It's a shame that the quarterly report isn't 100% accurate, but when its based off of a bunch of strangers posting things about their lives on the internet, that is an obvious risk. I think it is admirable, albeit a little immature, to come clean about fake children, but I don't necessarily see it as an attention-getting strategy, just someone who genuinely wants to apologize for misleading people when they really don't have to.

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