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    I agree with a PP that topics like this irk me.

    I faked on a baby name site before, when I was 12 and I was embarrassed to ask for suggestions for my Harry Potter fanfiction family. So I said that my non-existent sister (or was it sister-in-law...) was expecting.

    But to fake an actual pregnancy and child delivery? Ehh.
    I belonged to a teen forum where people would troll for fun, and reasoning behind that was to see how far they could take an act and have people believe them. Those to who did would laugh afterwards about the fact that they were able to take it to 12 pages, and have people still believe them.
    But it was stuff like pretending to be a self-centered rich 15 year old, or come up with seriously ridiculous stories that anyone who thought about it shouldn't buy. I know some did it as an "Acting" exercise, but that was teenagers on a teen forum, that sort of thing is a bit different than faking children on an adult centered site. (which sounds a bit dirty...)

    If someone really feels bad, then just confess on your actual faker account, and then start a new one. There's no need to call attention to yourself on a brand new account. If it weighs on your conscious that much, then take it as consequence for lying and yanking on people's emotions.

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    I think it's brave of you to admit this, but I also agree with east93-- better to just confess on the troll account and quietly move on.
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    OK, you can keep this account, but I will close the others you wrote me about.

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    I don't know Clock Tower and wasn't any part of the alternate identities debacle, but I'd like to step in and say that when I was young, I struggled with compulsive lying. I know some people genuinely can't understand what would compel someone to create an exaggerated personal identity and convince people that this new, highly idealized existence is real, but I know that feeling, because I've been there. My parents divorced when I was 14. I was an only child. I was lonely. I had a pen pal through school, and since my real life was painful, I made up a fabulously talented little sister (with a beautiful name, of course) who was studying to become a professional ballet dancer and therefore lived in North Carolina with our grandmother.

    Not a word of that was true, but it was comforting to me at the time to imagine that it might be true. It was an escape. It didn't hurt anyone. (Fortunately, I'd never heard of cutting and I was too squeamish to be bulimic.) Eventually I took steps to make my own life more interesting, lol, and I've had enough adventures that exaggeration is no longer necessary.

    Incidentally, I eventually met that pen pal in real life and it was a little awkward when he politely asked about my sister and I had to rather tersely explain that she was the invention of a suffering teenager, but he was very gracious about it.

    So again, I really haven't the faintest idea about the whole affair and by no means condone the behavior, but I do think that those of you who want her to "explain why" aren't going to get a satisfactory answer. Sometimes there's no explanation.

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    I agree with Linda. I weighed my choices of names heavily on the quarterly reports and assumed the names were real.

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