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    Spelling deviance

    Do you have preferred spellings that go against board (or real-world) norms? What are they?

    Here are some of mine:

    Sibyl / Sibylla - I'm genuinely baffled by the almost universal preference toward y-then-i here. Is it a Downton Abbey thing? Or what?
    Isidora - I get that Isadora is much easier to pass off as an Isabella alternative, but Isidora's so much cleaner-looking!
    Susanna - I'm 99% certain that the more common spelling (on these boards, at least) is Susannah. But the 'h' is so superfluous and dull, you guys!
    Erika - This is my name and I am biased.
    Geoffrey - Not that people are really clamoring to use Jeffery on the board, but in real-world terms, Jeffrey is ranked in the 200s (in the US) and Geoffrey is ranked...not at all
    on my mind, for the moment

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