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    Spelling deviance

    Do you have preferred spellings that go against board (or real-world) norms? What are they?

    Here are some of mine:

    Sibyl / Sibylla - I'm genuinely baffled by the almost universal preference toward y-then-i here. Is it a Downton Abbey thing? Or what?
    Isidora - I get that Isadora is much easier to pass off as an Isabella alternative, but Isidora's so much cleaner-looking!
    Susanna - I'm 99% certain that the more common spelling (on these boards, at least) is Susannah. But the 'h' is so superfluous and dull, you guys!
    Erika - This is my name and I am biased.
    Geoffrey - Not that people are really clamoring to use Jeffery on the board, but in real-world terms, Jeffrey is ranked in the 200s (in the US) and Geoffrey is ranked...not at all
    it's name-o'clock somewhere

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    I prefer Sibylla. It seems less like Sibyl with -la on the end.

    Isidora I also prefer because its closer to the original meaning - "gift of isis"

    I also prefer Susanna vs Susannah. Without the 'h' it seems so much cleaner.

    And I also prefer Geoffrey - its so much more sophisticated.

    It will take me a while to think of my favourites.
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    I prefer Sybil/Sybilla, but that's probably because it's what my eyes are most used to, and therefore the other spelling jars slightly. Downton may be (okay, probably is ) a factor, and I also like the nn Billie which is less natural with Sibyl/la.

    Similarly with Isidora/Isadora, I prefer the latter as it's what my eyes are adjusted to, although that doesn't mean I really have anything against the alternative. Also, I think I would pronounce the two slightly differently - iss-i-dor-a vs iz-uh-dor-a. Plus, the a gives the nn Sadie (although thinking about it, Sid would be pretty cute for the i spelling).

    Susannah I prefer with the h. For me, it escalates it from being just another -anna name to something quirkier and more complete.

    Geoffrey all the way, for me. I agree with pp, it seems much more sophisticated, and I love the history and depth of the name.

    As for my own spelling deviances:
    Although I'm not a huge fan of either, I vastly prefer Norah to Nora. It removes some of the bluntness.

    Edmund and Rosamund look far softer and more attractive to me than Edmond and Rosamond, both of which I see a lot.

    I prefer Briony to Bryony by a mile, even though Bryony is the proper spelling of the plant, because it looks so much more feminine and dainty. All the Bryonys I've come across have had the y spelling.
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    I always preffered Erik/Erika over Eric/Erica. The "k" makes it seem fresh.

    I prefer Catherine with a C, even though Katherine with a K is the most popular and most traditional. I like the literary association and the nickname "Cat". I love animal names.

    I like Vivienne more than Vivian because it is french and sounds and looks better with my last name.

    I also prefer Geoffrey over Jeffrey.

    I also MUCH prefer Gillian over Jillian. The G makes seem elegant and fresh imo.
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    Generally the only deviations I find I like are simplifications: I prefer Anabel to Annabelle, etc.
    Most of the time I don't like names that have multiple common spelling options.
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