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    Riley - I know this is a popular name for girls right now, I know many little girls with this name but to me it's all boy
    Megan - Cute, every Megan I know is very outgoing and energetic
    Macey - I really like this name
    Harper - It's not my style but I know it's very trendy/popular right now
    Heather - I want to like this name it looks pretty but every Heather I have ever known was snobby
    Victoria - Beautiful
    Ariana - Beautiful
    Aubrey - I like this, I prefer Audrey a little more but Aubrey is still pretty
    Aviana - Hmmm... interesting
    Aurelia - Really pretty
    Dalis - I don't particularly like this
    Peyton - I know it's popular to name girls with boy names but to me this name is all boy still!

    My favorites from your girls list would have to be:
    1. Victoria
    2. Aurelia
    3. Ariana
    4. Macey
    5. Aubrey

    Jackson - Like this one a lot
    Caleb - Love it
    Seth - Great choice
    Mason - Adore this name
    Percy - This name is growing on me quite a bit, it seems more and more other people are thinking of this name for a little boy
    Darien - Unfortunately the only Darien I know is not someone I would want to name my child after, but the name itself is handsome sounding
    Dalton - I absolutely love this name, my DH vetoed it for my list though

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    Riley - Really dislike on a girl.
    Megan - Not bad, just not that exciting.
    Macey - NMS.
    Harper - NMS.
    Heather - Ok, but I know a million of them my age.
    Victoria - Like a lot.
    Ariana - Not bad.
    Aubrey - Strongly prefer Audrey.
    Aurelia - NMS.
    Aviana - Don't like.
    Dalis - Really don't like (sorry, but I see a Teen Mom theme going on here?? lol)
    Peyton - NMS

    Jackson - Nice, but too popular for me.
    Caleb - Like a lot.
    Seth - Like, NMS though.
    Mason - Like.
    Percy - Don't like that much.
    Darien - It's ok. What about Damien/Damian?
    Dalton - Not a fan.
    Austin - Nice.
    Connor - Love!
    Ja(y)ce - No Y please. Jace is fine.
    Tanner - NMS.
    Gideon - Not bad, but NMS.
    Gannon - Don't like.
    Holdon - Hold on? No. Holden is ok but really NMS.
    Kenton - NMS.
    Emeric - NMS.
    Phelan - Sounds like feelin?
    Aeneas - This has to be a joke.
    Za(y)ne - Again, no Y. Love Zane.
    Top 10 girl's names: Serena * Audrey * Sienna * Bridget * Lucy * Hazel * Cordelia * Josephine * Claire * Alice
    Top 10 boy's names: Elliott * Callum * Theodore * Emmett * Nolan * Ian * Blake * Brennan * Adrian * Everett

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    Your style is completely different than mine. You seem to like more modern/unisex names. From your list, I like:


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    Riley - I like for a boy but I dislike for a girl. However as a middle name I think Riley could work with a classic like Elizabeth.
    Megan - I like Megan she feels really rural and sweet.
    Macey - I dislike Macey for me she feels slightly 90s and isn't very refreshing.
    Harper - A lovely choice, rising in popularity but she's sweet and I like the Harper Lee associations as well. Harper is cute.
    Heather - Never been a fan of Heather especially as she gets the unattractive 'Hev' nickname.
    Victoria - Gorgeous, she's a stunning elegant classic. It's my name and I'm referred to mainly as Victoria and am often complemented on the choice.
    Ariana - I think this name is really beautiful, elegant and I also love the nickname 'Aria'.
    Aubrey - She's okay but she's slightly 90s. For me Aubrey is in the same category as Macey and Brittany.
    Aurelia - Gorgeous, princess inspired choice. Very elegant.
    Aviana - I'm unsure I would prefer Viviana.
    Dalis - I really dislike she feels strange and reminds me of Dallas. Odd.
    Peyton - I like this as a middle name with a classic like Vivienne the combination would be beautiful.
    Jackson - adore this cowboy inspired choice! Especially love the nickname Jack.
    Caleb - A gorgeous choice, very strong and biblical. Caleb is perfect. I like the nickname 'Cal' too.
    Seth - I'm not that keen on Seth I think for me Seth just lacks jazz I like in my names.
    Mason - I love this choice especially as a middle name with a classic like James. For example James Mason.
    Percy - I think even though Percy is sweet I do think it would be hard for a child to grow with. A teenage boy named Percy?
    Darien - I'm not that keen really to be honest but I can see the attraction.
    Dalton - I like Dalton he's a soft masculine choice. Really handsome.
    Austin - Austin feels so southern and inspired a really cool choice. Austin has a great feel.
    Connor - Lovely strong Irish name.
    Jace - I like Jace in a it's a cool cowboy feel name however I don't know whether I'd use Jace myself.
    Tanner - I'm not keen on Tanner even though he does tick a lot of boxes Tanner lacks something.
    Gideon - A strong religious choice. I like that Gideon is recognised but unusual the name is really wholesome.
    Gannon - Reminds me of gammon...
    Holdon - Strange spelling Holden is great though.
    Kenton - This is okay but I prefer just Kent as a potential middle name for example Jeremiah Kent.
    Emeric - I dislike feels strange I prefer Emery.
    Phelan - I'm not keen.
    Aeneas - Again I'm not keen.
    Zayn - A spunky Asian inspired choice. Very cool.

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