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    How about Everly? It's a mix of Everie (so pretty) and Epperly.

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    How about's a name I always liked

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    First name that came to mind for me is an old favourite, Evenie (EV-an-ee). It's a French name, a form of Yvonne via Evonne. I think it's beautiful and it also reminds me of the world evening which I think is a nice image. It's unusual, and similar to Everie without the similarity to "every". I think Asen, Nova and Evenie sound like a great set

    I do also like Epperly though tbh. It was the name of a minor character on Gossip Girl and I always thought it was cool.

    Good luck!
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    Hahaha that's where we heard the name on Gossip girl ! And after that my husband always liked it!

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