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    I prefer Leopold over any of the other 'Leo' related names (that I know of). I've never been the biggest fan of Leo on it's own. It feels a little immature to me, and just too directly a reference to the zodiac sign (in my mind). Leopold feels like it's got more life in it. It has a more distinguished feel to it.
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    I like Leonard better, or even just Leo by itself. Leopold doesn't do a whole lot for me personally, but I like the nn Leo.

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    I love Leopold! If I ever have a son... I dislike Leo on it's own; there are so many awesome Leo-names out there waiting to be used! Leonidas, Leonard or just Leon. But Leopold is the best; it's quirky, dashing, smart and sexy. A winner!
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    LOVE Leopold! It is by far my favorite Leo name. I love the nn Leo, and I love how it reminds me of a regal prince. Probably all because of Kate and Leopold, lol. I think Ivy and Leopold would be a stunning sibset!
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    I love Leopold, I find it to have a lot more character and timelessness than trend Leo. It has a handsome sound and it's a cool namesake in my opinion (Aldo Leopold). And, if you want, Leo is a great nickname for it!
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