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    A sister for Sabine

    We are expecting a new little girl in September and we are struggling with a name for her. Our 2 year old's name is Sabine Elizabeth (Elizabeth is her maternal grandmother's middle name). We like names that are unique (but not strange), feminine (but not frilly) and that are easily pronounced internationally (we currently live in Germany). We had already picked out a boy's name: Elliot Cole, but alas we are back to the drawing board for a girl's name...

    Her middle name will preferably be Lee (her paternal grandmother's middle name). Our front runners right now are Evelyn and Nele. We've even been discussing the possibility of Nele as a nickname for Evelyn - does that seem crazy?

    Other contenders are (but please feel free to suggest more):

    Ellis - we feel it may be a little too strong
    Svea - my hubby thinks this one is a bit too unique
    Everly - we really like this, but are afraid that it might sound a little too current or "fadey"

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    My favorite would be Thalia Lee as a sister for Sabine Elizabeth.

    Best of luck!

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    If you really love Nele, I could see it more as a nickname for Annalie than Evelyn. Would you consider Annalee to get the Lee in there? I Annalee Evelyn or Evelyn Annalee nn Nele could really be a winner.

    ETA: I also like Thalia Lee as the pp suggested for a sister to Sabine. I dig the subtle mythological vibe going on. Also, I once wrote a short story about sisters, Sabine and Romola, so Romola always seems like it goes with Sabine.
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    I am a teacher, and I wouldn't know how to pronounce Nele on a roll sheet. I love Evelyn Lee. I have a soft spot in my heart for Lotte. I also love Annalie, but not sure about Annalie Lee (same goes for Everly). I think you're on the right track with Evelyn and calling her Nele!

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