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    I will admit trolls are the bane of nameberry forums, and most definitely discourage me for answering peoples questions - but personally the data shown is inconclusive, the population size is too small to hope to draw any comparative conclusions from... but was still an interesting read.
    Fakers actually encourage me to go out of my way to answer posts of people who are looking at names hypothetically and admit to it. I'm much more likely to respond to a post saying, "I'm 18 and interested in names. I was wondering what you think about X and Y for twins." Thanks!" as opposed to someone I suspect is faking despite having a believable story... or even someone who is "OMG IN LABOR HELP ME RIGHT NOW DO YOU LIKE X OR Y BETTER?!"

    When you're on name forums long enough (I've been actively participating on various name forums for about 12 years), it's very easy to spot the fakers, and I tend to stay out of their way. I'd rather help someone who admits to not being pregnant (and isn't even thinking about becoming pregnant)... I guess because I can relate to that. My interest in names is not so much "baby names" as it is onomastics and etymology.
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