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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Thanks much for doing the formal calculations. I almost--almost-- opened GraphPad but thought it might be too much for one post. Fascinating to know that there is a significant difference between pre- and post-crackdown, thanks again.

    Re: multiples and SES: two conflicting trends here. The first is ART, which is responsible for the 2.5x increase in twinning and the 80-fold increase in triplets. However the natural rate of twinning is highest in populations of African descent (1/55), which include African-Americans obviously and some US Hispanics (I.e. Dominicans, etc). Sadly of course as an aggregate those populations have a lower average SES than the general pop. However, ART is responble for the excess so if you were a betting woman you should bet that a family with multiples is decently well-off.
    Thanks for the SES and multiples info - I've actually been wondering that for quite some time and am happy to now have the answer!

    And yeah...I already had SPSS open on my computer, so there was really no second moment's thought before I was already plugging in the data, haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    You can use a semi colon to join two complete sentences into a single sentence providing that those sentences are related. For example:

    'I stroked the velvet; the fabric was soft under my fingers.'

    To find out if you've used one right simply exchange the semi colon for a full stop and see if each part still makes sense as a complete sentence.

    In your case I think I would have used a : instead as 'parenting.' couldn't be a sentence in its own right I think I have a tendency to over use semicolons, lol.
    Ahh, thank you. I've heard this rule before, actually, but I completely forgot it. Thanks again.
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    All that Cassandra Cla(i)re/Msscribe talk a few pages back gave me wicked flashbacks. That was some grade-A trollery, that was.

    And yeah, fakers. Just don't.

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    I have been a long-time daily peruser of nameberry and I can smell a troll within the first sentence. Do what I do.... ignore, don't comment and they will get bored and take their trollness to another forum. @blade your analysis reminded me of High School maths....and the nightmares I had with it!
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    This thread is awesome.

    I am also pretty proud it's been 13 pages without complete chaos. Really makes you wonder... ARE you ALL just robots with little ROBOT childrEn???
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