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    Very interesting....and a little scary! This is the only board I participate (some) in, besides one Christian ladies only, restricted board. Honestly I never thought much about fakes, until about a month ago.... for some reason, I became very worried about information I have given out on this particular site. Made me feel stupid for not being more careful. There are still some old things I would like to go back and delete from this site.... I have tried, to no avail. So, from now on I plan to be more careful (not sure if it matters all that much now, or not).....
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    Quote Originally Posted by kerrycl View Post
    A fantasy partition seems like the best possible way to reduce dishonest faking.
    There's the baby name games section. Actually, I've noticed a lot of the fakers seem to hang out there; the problem is they bring their games out into the other boards. It seems to me it'd be more fun to keep it in the game section. You can change your story every day and nobody cares. Today my name is Valentine, I'm married to Castiel (ooh la la) and we have 75 babies!! Yesterday I was Summer, married to Spike (yeah!) and we have 2 sets of twins and triplets on the way.

    If there are fakers out there, I strongly encourage you to start playing some role playing games. Go down to your nearest game store (up here it's Boscos) and ask how best to get in touch with gamers from your community. It's so much fun! RP gamers have some of the best imaginations I've ever encountered. If you're shy or insecure, just remember many gamers were or still are shy and insecure, but we're one of the most non-judgmental subcultures I've encountered.

    Or play the Sims, but I think it might be good to get off the computer and go meet some real people who enjoy making up stories as much as you do.

    Imagination is a good thing, as long as the people around you know it's imaginary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Yeah, I figure 1 graham cracker per two hours of confinement = 3 crackers / 6 hours. [Math!]
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    This thread has been a great read. When I read the title "Fakery Index" I was expecting a list of posters known to be faking families (and evidence to back up the claims), but this has been just as interesting.

    Oh, and @redwoodfey:

    Today my name is Valentine, I'm married to Castiel (ooh la la) and we have 75 babies!! Yesterday I was Summer, married to Spike (yeah!) and we have 2 sets of twins and triplets on the way.
    I understood those references.

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    I play Sims. I can have babies and name them to my heart's content. Right now, I have Scot and Teresa DeLuca with Rafaele and Alessandra. AND THEY SHALL HAVE MOAR BABIES! With Italian names, of course.


    Anyway, lying isn't cool. People who do deserve to be called out and shown for what they are. Every time a person lies, it makes every legitimate new member seem less credible, especially if they're unusual in any way--having multiples, several previous children, young, etc.
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