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    I've got the opposite problem: my biggest worry is that someone I know will read one of my posts and figure out who I am! I've never been tempted to make up a fake identity on a online forum, but I will confess I *did* used to cheat at the board game The Game of Life and put extra babies in my car.

    We have our first scan on Monday, and will find out how many babies we've got in there (having transferred two embryos during IVF). So, in my case, any potential twin naming dilemma will be real. However, I realise that will be the least of my problems.
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    Amen to east93's post! My thoughts exactly. If it's not okay in real life, it shouldn't be okay here. Thinking it is just feeds the worrisome view that the internet is free from all responsibility and basic humanity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raptreverie View Post
    For any other math people out there (and to answer your question, Blade), I decided to run a few independent samples t-tests, grouping data from before the fourth quarter of 2012 (so, 1/12, 2/12, and 3/12) and after (4/12 &1/13). Using Blade's calculations, I analyzed whether there was a statistically significant difference in the proportion of girls to boys, proportion of multiples to singletons, excess girls (observed/predicted), and excess twins (observed/predicted). I didn't really expect to find much since our sample size is so small, but there was a statistically significant difference in the amount of excess girls (t(3)=-5.45, p<.05)!!! Specifically there was a smaller proportion of observed/expected girls in and after the fourth quarter of 2012 (M=1.30, SD=.02) than before (M=1.44, SD=.03). So...good work team sleuths!! Maybe as our sample size grows we'll find more statistical differences!!
    ... and just then did she realize how badly she sucks at maths... (speaking about myself)

    This is a fun and enjoyable read!
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    No, my spelling is not perfect but it's relevent enough so that you know what I'm saying. Next time, I'll use spell check. Thanks for the suggestion, blade!! :-)

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    I don't see the point in lying. I try preface my post with something along the lines of "not pregnant or trying to be for a few years" and I always get plenty of help, and my input isn't shot down in other posts because I'm not pregnant. I think this forum is great for all people in different phases in life; why lie?
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