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    Just clarifying here, blade. You said that it's odd for a teenage girl to be a member on this site? I am a teenager and I'm obsessed with names. I am a member on this site to share my name list and get feedback. Can't you just ignore trolls posts? When you post saying you are a troll, you are doing what they call "feeding the trolls" which means you're encouraging them. They'll keep posting lies if you keep responding to it. And some people who you accuse of being trolls may not be trolling. People like you annoy me. You're on this site to accuse people of being trolls while I'm on here to offer name advice and seek feedback for my name list. Who has the time to analyze all of that? Aren't you a Sergeon or something? Don't you have a son to take care of? Stop obsessing over the trolls and start living (enjoying) life.
    No, I am not a Sergeon.

    Your reading comprehension is about as bad as your spelling; you called me a weirdo for tabulating these stats, and I responded by saying we all have our passions, baby names being a shared one, which 'outsiders' judge as odd. Many people would think your presence on a site like nameberry was unusual; we of course do not, and in a similar vein people might find me spending an hour calculating proportions strange.

    I was actually being nice to you, but don't worry, I won't make that grave error in judgment again.
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