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    Quote Originally Posted by elrock13 View Post
    I think we should have a fantasy birth announcement thread.
    I agree with flick-- that would be fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by elrock13 View Post
    I think we should have a fantasy birth announcement thread.
    Announcing the birth of Poet Narnia, Story Kismet and Fabel Wren!!! They join siblings Clementine Tuesday, Pippa Scout, London Bellamy (adopted from South Africa!!), Holden Shakespeare and Hudson Wisdom (twins!!), John-Paul Gregory (girl!!), and Tallulah Effie Songbird Delilah Pearl-Sloane!!! We are SO BLESSED!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by flick View Post
    See, we are tabletop and online gamers and we do a lot of roleplaying and making up characters and backstories......I don't see why these people wouldn't just do that?
    Ditto!! I recently started playing GW2. When I discovered how elaborate the names can be on that game I about peed my pants. I'm sad I can only have 5 characters because I have so many names I'd like to use for additional characters. I get mad every time I see a character running around with the name Facesmasher or Wklgurhxx. You could come up with any name, any freaking name out there, and that's what you went with? How creative.

    In regard to the topic: I don't have a problem with most of the fakers, because most of them don't post ridiculous stories. They post a SUPER INTERESTING (imagine sparkles and rainbows shooting out of super interesting) name in the birth announcements and then go away forever. Obviously the ones who take it a step further and hog the boy/girl (usually girl) forums with advice on SUPER INTERESTING names for multiples are a bit of an issue because the people looking for honest feedback on the more simple names get ignored or missed.

    I'm not saying all SUPER INTERESTING names are fakes, btw. I'm aware that some berries really do prefer the rarer names. I prefer them myself.

    I have a huge problem with the ones who play up the rape, abuse, illness, death card. I find it revolting.

    Someone mentioned the early over sharing is a pretty good indicator. IMO, it's the best indicator. In all honesty, I'm fascinated with this part of internet culture (fascinated in a car wreck way-- horrifying but you can't look away). The lengths some people go to with their stories is, well, insane. Have any of you seen the movie/documentary Catfish? I really enjoyed it, regardless of how true it is or isn't. It's interesting to me seeing how our culture is changing as technology is. Anonymity really brings out who we are. We're changing in the obvious ways (less socialization in real life, more online socialization), but it's the subtle changes that are the most worth paying attention to. The cruel things people have no problem typing but would never say in person, the loss of beautiful penmanship (), and of course, mental illness/ personality disorders allowed to be channeled in such a way that the people they know in real life would never suspect.

    I think most of the really out there fakers have Munchausen by Internet. "Experts say that what they now call “Munchausen by Internet” affects primarily the same groups of people at risk for Munchausen Syndrome itself: mainly women, starting in their late teens or early 20s, often with personality disorders and typically those who work in a medical field like nursing" ( ). I'm not sure this particular brand of munchausen by internet fits with the last part (being in the medical field), but young females? I'd say absolutely, yes.

    Is anyone familiar with the Msscribe fiasco? If true, it's the most elaborate case of sockpuppeting I've ever heard of. Worth a read if you have several hours to do so and you're as bored/ interested as I was.

    Anyway, it's neat to see real numbers like that, so thanks for posting.
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    This is so interesting to see. I agree, its good to see actual numbers.
    Not expecting, just collecting!

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    LOL at fantasy birth announcements!

    Great work Blade! I've never understood the need for a fantasy life- I'm childless and not even sure if I want kids, so I suppose it is pretty odd that I have over 2000 posts on a baby naming site over the course of 3 or 4 years (Eek-I just shocked myself with that realization! That's a lot of time!) I've just always been fascinated by names and language and I like talking about it. I don't know why so many people aren't up front about that. And anyway, we have a name games forum!

    That said, it really doesn't bother me that people lie on here. It's the internet- you have to take everything with a grain of salt. I like telling people what I think about names, so I don't really care if they're actually carrying a child or not.

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