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    Ew! I have never considered that. Icky. Now I am going to be worried about that. I think I'm naive to all of the fakery because this is the first board I have spent any real time on. Names interest me now that I have to name a person, but it's probably a passing phase, unless I have another baby one day. Basically I am just pregnant and bored with too much time on my hands, and there's some other really useful information on motherhood here. Better than "the bump" or "what to expect". Smarter women, it feels like to me.

    Yeah, I wouldn't let it bug you, I highly doubt we attract TOO many male creepers. But you are correct, the overall IQ on nameberry seems to be higher than the average parenting forum.

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    I think we should have a fantasy birth announcement thread.
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by elrock13 View Post
    I think we should have a fantasy birth announcement thread.

    Oh, that would be really fun!

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    Very interesting. I must say, I'm always pretty amused by the imaginary pregnancies on this site.

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    Wow, this is incredible - I would never had guessed there were so many. I'm just really bad at spotting them I suppose...

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