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    Quote Originally Posted by covella View Post
    I wonder the exact percentage of fakers (I'll never know obviously). It's probably like 30 percent.
    I'm sure, if even that low. Of course, I'm talking "pregnancies", not regular name-loving members.

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    This thread is hilarious. Although I dislike doing math myself, I love me some good stats.. thanks Blade! There's just way to many specific posts in here that I have something to say about to quote, so I'll just ramble..

    To whomever was offended by this thread... really? Little defensive, maybe? Hits home, does it?
    I, too, thought the person accusing Blade of being a troll was just being funny. It would actually be my exact type of humor. But it's even more hilarious that he/she turned out to be a faker. I just wish I had arrived in time to read his/her fakey posts before they were deleted/removed.

    One reason that I often assume someone is faking is when they say they have a 6-13 year old named something that's EXTREMELY trendy for this year or last one or two years. I feel it's very unlikely that they found that 'gem' those many years ago when they had that child.

    My opinion about this site in regards to baby fakers:
    I do not mind you making up stories and what not when you're 'searching' for names (I actually love how hilariously silly it is). I just read, chuckle, and go somewhere else.

    I DO become offended when that crosses over to the birth announcements. I read the announcements and quarterly reports to see the names of ACTUAL babies... to follow for trending/popularity reasons as it influences the names that I pick as well for my simple love of names and trends. What you name your imaginary baby affects the trend stats in my head, and I don't like it. Fantasize all you want, but please don't let it cross over into there.

    Final thoughts which may include some rambling:
    I can't see where the fakers are coming from. I just can't. I'm twenty years old with no plans to conceive for maybe even another 5 years.. And I believe I'm welcomed here. I don't need to lie to get advice or suggestions. It's ridiculous. I feel that they need some sort of... professional help. Bleh.

    Blade, can we expect to see the statistics for the upcoming quarterly reports on here when they're posted?

    Have a good one, everybody .
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    [QUOTEOne reason that I often assume someone is faking is when they say they have a 6-13 year old named something that's EXTREMELY trendy for this year or last one or two years. I feel it's very unlikely that they found that 'gem' those many years ago when they had that child.[/QUOTE

    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I will admit trolls are the bane of nameberry forums, and most definitely discourage me for answering peoples questions - but personally the data shown is inconclusive, the population size is too small to hope to draw any comparative conclusions from... but was still an interesting read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by janetm View Post
    As someone who is pregnant with naturally-conceived twins (really, this belly doesn't lie, 37 weeks today and I *hope* they're coming out soon!), I do think it's harder to name multiples, esp. in our case, as we are having two girls and have a girl already. That's a lot of girl names (but a good problem to have, as I've always loved names). I guess I don't understand the need to lie, anyway, as there are plenty of threads where people talk about hypothetical babies. The real ones get more attention, as I think Blade said (I admit I'm more drawn to real babies than hypotheticals) but Berries seem happy to comment either way. I don't think I'm much good at spotting the fakes, though, so hats off to you guys who can figure it out so quickly. It makes me sad, though, that we twin mamas are suspect just because we're having multiples and people like to lie about that. It also makes me sad that the Nameberry quarterly reports of the birth announcements are probably not accurate--that's the most upsetting part of the people who lie, I think.
    I'm with you about the birth announcements being a little upsetting. I'm also expecting twins, and I'm sometimes a little afraid to post because I'm afraid someone is going to think I'm a fraud. It's frustrating that the volume of fakers on the site casts doubt on the legitimacy of other people's genuine requests for naming feedback, especially for mums of multiples who deserve to glory in announcing their twins' names after having endured a rough pregnancy! People probably wouldn't fake if they knew how very un-glamorous a real twin pregnancy was...

    I, for one, am here because I am finding the twin naming process hard--DH and I have to agree on two names instead of one, and we have to also agree on the collective 'vibe' of both names. It feels like I'm cementing myself into a naming style by choosing two names at once, so I want good, honest, style-conscious feedback before we lock our progeny into anything unfortunate.

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