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    Wow, I never even considered some people might be making stuff up on here... that's... well, kinda gross. :-/
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    As someone who is pregnant with naturally-conceived twins (really, this belly doesn't lie, 37 weeks today and I *hope* they're coming out soon!), I do think it's harder to name multiples, esp. in our case, as we are having two girls and have a girl already. That's a lot of girl names (but a good problem to have, as I've always loved names). I guess I don't understand the need to lie, anyway, as there are plenty of threads where people talk about hypothetical babies. The real ones get more attention, as I think Blade said (I admit I'm more drawn to real babies than hypotheticals) but Berries seem happy to comment either way. I don't think I'm much good at spotting the fakes, though, so hats off to you guys who can figure it out so quickly. It makes me sad, though, that we twin mamas are suspect just because we're having multiples and people like to lie about that. It also makes me sad that the Nameberry quarterly reports of the birth announcements are probably not accurate--that's the most upsetting part of the people who lie, I think.
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    Interesting data. I do like math and enjoyed seeing the statistics. I find it sad that people feel the need to lie about their lives. Fantasy is great as long as one is honest about it.
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    This is interesting, actually! I used to 'pretend' to be parents of 'uniquely' named children on yahoo answers as a kind of experiment, to see how people would react to the names if the child was already named, but it was always a one question thing, I never continued with the charade.. but pretending to have children on a forum for an extended amount of time is something I'll never really understand?
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    I wonder the exact percentage of fakers (I'll never know obviously). It's probably like 30 percent.

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