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    In defense of the disproportionately high number of multiples, I think there are more factors that may play into this than just "excitement". Two or three babies are much, much harder to name than one. As you noted, multiples also correlate with fertility procedures and it makes sense that a woman who has worked long and hard to get pregnant would've had a lot more time and motivation to become involved with boards like these. As for the higher incidence of girl babies, it's been touched upon many times on this blog and others that parents feel they have a lot more creative leeway when it comes to girls, whereas for boys they feel restricted to a more conventional set of names: thus the uptick in discussions on the girls' board versus the boys'.

    All that said, I agree that fakery is an issue on this site. Grab your pitchforks, Berries! To the castle!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    wow, interesting, and a lot of work.

    Honestly the fakery doesn't really bother me at all.
    I'm here to have fun and learn about interesting names, and possibly help a person once in awhile.
    If a few threads are fake, what difference does it make?

    It's more than just a few fake threads, though, that's the thing. I think that it breaks down the integrity of the board and casts an air of doubt over other members who ARE truthful. I'm not saying you need to tell us everything about yourself, put your name out there or say anything about your life but don't make stuff up, either.

    What bothers me is not really the ones who are super transparent and just post a few times and move on - but I have been on "name" forums for close to a decade and I can tell you from personal experience that some of these people take it REALLY far! I have seen people do everything from fake the death of children to become very close, personal friends with people only to be outed and the people who reached out and became friends with them were left there scratching their heads and feeling taken advantage of and quite frankly - creeped out - because this person who they shared friendship and personal stories with ended up not being who they said they were.

    I had one girl on another site come on and make up this complex story about her being 16 and pregnant and trying to get through everything, for some reason she reached out to me specifically (and a few others) and we took pity on her and really tried to give this girl emotional support. She eventually slipped up and upon some investigation she ended up NOT being who she said she was, she was not pregnant, was not going through any of the emotional issues that she made up and it just left everyone she had gotten close to feeling very sick and betrayed.

    It's not as innocent and harmless as people make it out to be.
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    Interesting, blade! I'm glad someone did this. It's cool to see quantitative stuff about nameberry itself rather than individual names. Next someone should compare the pre/post-crackdown numbers of people who actually got called out/confirmed as trolls (as in got their thread closed, etc.)
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    Why do you obsess over this? Yes, there are trolls. They will probably all never go away. It's rediculius to obsess over this this much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madi13 View Post
    Why do you obsess over this? Yes, there are trolls. They will probably all never go away. It's rediculius to obsess over this this much.
    Boredom? Some people enjoy math? Why not, lol.

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