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Thread: Can't Decide

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    Can't Decide

    For a long time now, I've been trying to choose between three different styles of name. This is kind of a "read both sides and choose one" type thing, so bear with me. I kind of have commitment issues when it comes to names: the second I manage to devise a list, I dislike it straight away.

    I've loved vintage style names for years now, they've always been my favourite until recently. I'd never realised {I'm only 16 - not around babies very often} that a lot vintage names were kind of the norm here in England, and that they were fairly popular here too, so while a lot of my American friends think these names are highly unusual, they really aren't for me. I grew up with an extremely popular name and I want to use more uncommon names for my future offspring. The names in this category that I like are Violet, Ezra, Amelia, Dexter, Alice, Henry, Matilda, Sebastian.
    I'll link the England & Wales top 1000 just for reference.

    On the other hand, I also like more unusual names. These are more recent loves, but I like that they are more unusual than the likes of Alice and Sebastian. Most come with accessible nicknames that make them all the more usable to me, but my only hang up is that as sibling sets, they don't pair well with the vintage names {e.g Finland and Alice or Fable and Henry} in my opinion. The names in this category that I like are Fable {g}, Sailor {b}, Ophelia, Finland {b}, Milena, Thorin, Wednesday, Ivo.

    The third style is grand and classical names. I feel like these embody everything I like about the other two styles {mostly unusual yet still classical and historic in origin}, but I struggle to find many names that actually fit the style. These could potentially pair up with the vintage names, but I'm a little OCD about name lengths in sibling sets {e.g I love the names Bram and Amadeus, but I don't like them together because one is so much longer than the other}. The names in this category that I like are Ophelia, Constantine, Persephone, Amadeus, Rosamund. If anyone has any suggestions for names in this category, I would be extremely grateful {although that's entirely optional haha}.

    So my actual question is which of these styles do you prefer {and why would be helpful}? Thank you!
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    I like vintage/classic, but I also like names that have an unusual nature feel.

    Jude, blackbird.

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    Though I'm all for unusual names, no offense, I'm not a big fan of some of yours that you've picked. But I do love and adore all of your vintage names!
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    I personally LOVE a mix of 2 and 3, unusual but grand/classical names!! Whether it be a name that encompasses both, or a grand classical, like Constantine, with a middle like Fable!

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    It's between vintage and grand & classical for me. I think my taste really bridges between these two categories. I think I'm somewhat guilty of tending to favor the vintage for male and grand/classical for females. Not intentionally, but I have noticed that. I ended up voting for grand/classical, but I'm not very positive in my response. I'm not very fond of overly literal names or those with very little historical presence, so your 'unusal' category doesn't really do much for me.

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