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Thread: WDYT of these?

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    WDYT of these?

    We will be TTC this September and I've just been looking at names and making up combos to try out. The only names set in stone are Claud (DH's maternal grandfather) and Virginia (my paternal grandmother) and they will be middle names. Feel free to suggest more names and combos, we generally prefer nature names or something bold and memorable. Last name is similar to Rogers. Anyone have any suggestions for combos for Gloria or Phoenix?

    Favorite Girl Names

    Rose and any variations

    Gloria and any variations

    Virginia (as MN most likely)




    Girl Combos so far

    Rosemary Virginia

    Virginia Rose

    Gloria Avalon

    Gloria Roxanne

    Aurora Rain

    Alanna Willow

    Briar Rose

    Scarlet Avalon

    Alanna Ivy

    Willow Gaia

    Favorite Boy Names




    Claud (as MN)



    Cherokee - I have Cherokee ancestry (great-great-grandmother was a pure blooded Native)

    Boy Combos so far

    Rowan Claud

    Jasper Phoenix

    Cherokee Blaze

    Phoenix Blaze

    Raven Skye

    Gryffon Leonardo

    Archer Phoenix

    Blaze Phoenix
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    I just adore Virginia! Beautiful and I love the nn Ginnie/Ginger. I would use it as first name.
    My favorites: Virginia Rose/Briar Rose(maybe too much)/Scarlett Ava/Avalon & Blaze Phoenix (very cool)/Jasper Blaze
    And about Cherokee: most Native Americans find using the names of the tribes offensive,even if you have the roots(think Cheyenne). I don't recommend using that.

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    I like...

    Rosemary Virginia
    Virginia Rose
    Gloria Roxanne

    I don't like...

    Gloria Avalon - too many a's
    Aurora Rain - too many r's
    Alanna Willow - Ok but not great
    Briar Rose - the name of the Sleeping Beauty princess. Too descriptive. It sounds like a thing not a person.
    Scarlet Avalon - A very red place called Avalon
    Alanna Ivy - the combo is fine but Alana is aka Honey Boo Boo's name.
    Willow Gaia - Odd combo

    For boys, I like Rowan and Jasper but I don't know if Rowan Rogers is advisable. The rest are very trendy so they're better in the middle spot.

    I like...

    Rowan Claud
    Jasper Phoenix

    I don't like...

    Cherokee Blaze - This sounds like a Native American is on fire!
    Phoenix Blaze - This sounds like a city is on fire!
    Raven Skye - too descriptive (a sky that full of black birds)
    Gryffon Leonardo - I prefer the Griffin spelling
    Archer Phoenix - a person from Phoenix who is handy with a bow and arrow.
    Blaze Phoenix - see Phoenix Blaze
    All the best,

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    You have some gems here! I especially like Rosemary Virginia and Virginia Rose from your girl's list. Today other berry flick made a great suggestion to someone of the name Rosemarie, maybe you would like Rosemarie Virginia too?
    The boy combos that you have I particularly like Rowan Claud (I love using family names), Jasper Phoenix (Jasper is in my top 3 too!), and Phoenix Blaze. I have always thought the name Phoenix sounds really handsome.

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