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Thread: Silas?

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    I personally feel that Silas is more manly than Corbin and Griffin--it feels more weighty to me because of it's history
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    Silas is on our short list as well and it is definitely growing on me. Initially, my only hangup was that it is the name of the evil, murderous monk in the first Da Vinci Code book/move, but I think i'm getting over it seeing as I'm not a diehard fan or anything. It's also the name of a main charachter in Weeds, a guilty pleasure I must admit, who despite some questionable ethics is a stong, attractive, and likable character. Anyway, love it. I'm currently liking Silas Henry best, although it doesn't go great with my own last name

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    I really like the name, but I'm not sure I like it with Corbin and Griffin. Not that it's too soft, because I don't think it's a soft name, but that it's a different sort of name entirely. I think of Silas as a strong, gentle, silent man who is good with his hands and maybe does woodworking-- sort of the masculine version of Susannah, who I imagine to be a kind woman who makes quilts by the fireplace. Corbin and Griffin I see as more adventurous, outdoorsy, rakish, playful, and headstrong.

    I did name my cat Silas; he's a large, muscular ginger boy who looks like a small, maneless lion; I named him after Silas Marner. The only other Silas I know of is Silas Robertson, aka, "Uncle Si" on Duck Dynasty; he's the breakout star of the show, but he's also a unique character.
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    I really like Silas. I picture a tall boy with dark glasses and a mysterious smile. I'm surprised it is 183. I don't know any. I think it's a handsome choice.
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