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    Place names heard recently

    I really like place names. I was at the doctors a couple days ago and heard two that I've never seen off the page. Salem and Berkley. I would normally not like Salem (makes me think of a cat's name), but somehow seeing a young woman answer to it, it worked. It really suited her and sounded pretty. Berkley was another story. Seeing the name in action I got the feeling that her parents thought they were giving birth to a sitcom character.

    Heard any good or unusual place names lately? Have any favorites?

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    Glad you asked because lately I've heard Holland. I met an adorable little girl name Holland Grace. I thought it was too cute Her nickname is Holly. I'm expecting and I've chosen Brooklyn Kate if it is a girl.

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    I live in Brooklyn!

    For a while I was really against any place name unless the parents had a special connection to it, but lately I'm changing my tune because I have heard so many good place names and I know that I'm likely never going to those places.

    Holly is a great nickname for Holland. I grew up with a male Holland.

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    Not most recent but I have heard of these [either read/met/or heard them being called]: Portugal [male], Indiana [male], Paris [female], Brooklynn [female, spelled this way], London [not sure of spelling, female]. My mother overheard someone talking about a Shiloh [male]. I know of a Camden [female], I also had people when I was in school named London [female], and Jerusalem [male]. I know of some Israels [males], I know an Eden, Afton both female.
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