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Thread: Not loving Lily

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    I really detest Edith! I love so many vintage names, but these non feminine clunkers are not my style. I think Miriam is lovely.

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    How about a variation of Lily like Lilya, or Lilyanna

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    I love Lily and Vera. Edith still feels dated at the moment, but I think it'll be more popular in a few years.

    Some more ideas:

    Helena Corinne nn Lena, Nell, Nellie
    Violet Corinne nn Lettie
    Lydia Corinne
    Felicity Corinne nn Fee, Fliss
    Florence Corinne nn Flora, Flossie
    Cecily Corinne nn Sissie, Celie
    Beatrice Corinne nn Bea
    Sylvia Corinne nn Sylvie
    Stella Corinne
    Amelia Corinne nn Millie
    Louisa Corinne nn Lou, Lulu, Lola

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    I think Edith is a really nice alternative. I like the nickname Edie. However, I usually don't tell people (even friends or family) my favorite names. Your friend might think it's an old lady name, but they will change their mind when they see it on a lively little toddler girl. Edie is adorable.

    I like Vera too. It's very elegant.

    What about Rose? Since you like the botanical name Lily. Rose is very familiar as a middle name, but overlooked as a first. I think it's lovely.

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    I don't care for Edith personally, but love Edie! Edith Corinne is nicer as a full name though.

    Vera Corinne is LOVELY. Marion is a favorite of mine too (oddly enough-- Marion is a female family name on my side and Marian is a male family name on DH's side...we can't quite win there!). Miriam, Marion, Vera...all winners in my book.

    Other ideas...
    Ida Corinne
    Lillian Corinne
    Lida Corinne
    Etta Corinne
    Myra Corinne
    Olivia Józefa: July 2013 . Expecting #2: July 2015

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