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    Opinions on baby girl #2 name please :)

    Hey there! So, we found out yesterday we are expecting another sweet girl. My DD is 3 years old and her name is Camille Elise. For this baby, we had been planning on using a family name and name we really love, Hazel but I have seen such a rise in popularity that I am not sure I want to use it anymore. Every time I come on here, people are searching it or discussing it AND we live in a pretty trendy city (Portland, OR) and I am starting to hear the name more and more. I know not everyone cares about the popularity of a name but I do. I am bummed because we really do love the name.

    The other name we are considering is Corinna. I do not like it as much as Hazel and I think it is a little "matchy" with Camille. But it is not nearly as popular.

    I haven't started to look at other names outside these too. So we are open to suggestions. I like Willa and Luna. But am open to more classic, vintage-y suggestions.

    Any feedback would be great! Thank you!

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    Camille is one of my favorite names! I think Corinna is stunning. Not too matchy at all.

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    You could use Hazel as a middle name. I think it's lovely. Do you plan on living in Portland forever? I am sure it is much less common in other places of the country. I'm sad that you can't pick a meaningful name from your family because of the popularity where you live. Especially since you like it a lot!

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    In 2011, there were 40 little Hazels in all of Oregon (making it #83) - not too bad but certainly higher in 2012. But is you like the name, I say use it.

    I think Corinna and Camille sound very nice together without being too matchy. If using the nns Cory and Cammy, it sounds cute too.

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    I'm also in the Portland metro area
    My little girl is due early June.
    First ill say I like the name choices. I myself have a very different name, but many seem to like it. First name: Shardae ( pronounced: "shar-day" )
    My middle name is my aunts:
    Raphell (pronounced: "ra-fell")
    We have a almost 3 year old boy we named Cody. Pretty traditional.. As for our Lil girl, we both like "Emily"
    I'm thinking maybe to use my sisters middle name: "Joleen". So it'd be
    "Emily Joleen" seems to flow nice. But then I thought about my middle name: "Emily Raphell" that sounds nice too!
    Similar names to what you mentioned, reminded me of the little girls across the street named: "Cora and Claire"
    Those are very pretty I think.
    Hope maybe I helped a little in the name game. Good luck to ya

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