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    I don't think the -on works very well with Young, so I would try to avoid that. Here are some more alternatives:

    Instead of Jack: Grant, Chase, Cole, Paul, Seth, Drew, Trent, Bram, Ross, Bruce, Todd, James, Jacob, Ian, Evan, Oliver
    Instead of Carter: Charles, Truman, Calvin, Wesley, Conrad, Crane, Crosby, Dexter, Thatcher, Hector, Thomas, Callum
    Instead of Mason: Matthias, Matteo, Declan, Malcolm, Asa, Dane, Roland, Simon, Samuel, Nicholas, Dominic, David
    Instead of Aden: Archer, Asher, Arthur, Abner, Angus, Abram, Eliott, Elias, Ezra, Eli, Levi, Edmond, Edwin, Leyland, Lachlan

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