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    Just wanted to say that Juniper Elise is a lovely combination. I hope you will be able to forgive these mean people. We have a daughter with severe special needs and I am always having to correct peoples views. I do it as politely as possible however it is always acceptable to make statements like, "Please show my daughter polite manners, Her name was chosen with love." I regularly have to defend my child from ignorance and that's part of being a mama. I am so glad that you're sweet baby has you. So many children don't have that in our world and I am glad that you will be able to remind her and others that her name was a gift of love.

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    I'm in the UK and Juniper is very close to the top of our list for our future daughters name. I love it - it's uncommon but not odd IMO. At the end of the day it's a botanical name like Poppy or Daisy. Sadly it seems that everyone has opinions on names and likes to voice them!!

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    bailibsmum Guest
    Ignore them they are obviously arrogant people! XX its a lovely name.. I considered it for Liberty cos she was due in June!! xx

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    flick Guest
    Oh, I work at a school, you should SEE some of the utter crap that I see everyday - and even though that is my opinion, I manage to keep it to myself and never let my opinion show in my face or in my voice.

    Some people are just jerks - it's not a reflection on you or the name you choose for your daughter - it's a reflection on other people's bad manners.

    That being said, if I met a baby Juniper I would genuinely tell you how lovely it is.

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    Eff those jerk faces!
    JUNIPER IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND CHARMINGLY SWEET NAME!!! I would die if I met a little Juniper- so cute!! Don't let the morons get you down by being so rude. Who would do that!?? Geez.
    Its a fabulous name honestly. Not every name is for every taste, but there is always gonna be arseholes out there who need to tell you their opinions on everything.

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