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    I am not the world's most tactful person and I have very strong opinions on names, but if I can force a smile and say "so cute!" when someone tells me their poor kid is called Braelyn or Seven or McKinzie then people can d@mn well do the same when they meet a child fortunate enough to have the lovely name of Juniper.
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    Some people are just turds. If they'd liked the name Juniper, they would have found something else to sneer at. I wouldn't worry about it; rest assured that you would think their kids' names were pretty awful, too.

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    This makes me sad. These people clearly aren't very sensitive or concerned with much outside themselves.

    I love the name Juniper... especially Juniper Elise.
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    Im in England and ive never heard that name over here but i think its great. Im afraid with most things parent related you will be judged - names, how and what you feed them, if you do/dont work, what baby classes you go to, how much sleep they get, how strict you are.......the list goes on. They were clearly 2 perfect mums who do everything right and have all the answers and who have named their children from the top 10 list!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    It is never ok to sneer at an actual child's name in front of them or the parents! My little girl is Clara and I have gotten several "Oh I like Claire better" .
    Oh wow, that is really rude! Its amazing to me what people have the nerve to say!

    E11aboo, you're right, people are much more open about judging on anything parent related. I mean, these women who i encountered today would probably be mean and sneery on a variety of subjects, but i'm sure that a lot of people who are openly horrid about names wouldn't dream of walking up to me in the supermarket and randomly insulting my shoes or the contents of my trolley :-)
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