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    I am VERY VERY sorry.
    I absolutely adore nature names and Juniper is among my favorites.
    These moms are probably the ones with the daughters named Ava and Isabella.
    There is nothing "bonkers" about the name Juniper at all!!
    Honestly, I like things more unusual than that.
    Juniper is a lovely name!!
    I don't think teasing could get much worse.
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    That's just fundamentally rude. There is nothing wrong with your daughter's name.

    I am the kind of person who would be highly likely to get in somebody's face and ask them what exactly their problem was if they started any of that (especially if it was toward my kid), but the smarter and safer option is probably to take a deep breath, count to ten, and let it go.

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    It does make me feel a lot better to hear you all say such lovely things about Juniper's name, thank you- it does suit her so well and i wouldn't regret the choice for a second. But i like to think that even if someone told me their kids name was Cereal Banana (first things i saw), i would smile and find something nice to say ( other than the "thats interesting" thing, thats such a backhander!).
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    I'm in the UK too, and have never encountered a Juniper in real life (although I would love to!), but if I did, 1) I would know it is a 'real' name (just because I have never met a Nathaniel doesn't mean the name 'doesn't exist'...) and 2) I would be polite about it, whatever it was (although I actually love Juniper, so that wouldn't be a problem). In fact, I don't think I would even comment - it is nothing to do with me, and unless actually asked for my opinion, I wouldn't say anything - and even then, I would not be directly rude. It might be unusual but those women had no excuse to be rude about it. You love it, and that is all that matters.
    *rant over*
    Good luck - I'm sure Juniper will love her name when she is older too.

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    It is never ok to sneer at an actual child's name in front of them or the parents! My little girl is Clara and I have gotten several "Oh I like Claire better" Who does that!!!!! Oh well, you love it and it isn't offensive. Juniper isn't weird, but it is different to the general population. I would much rather be Juniper than the 40th Emma in 1st grade.

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